Real Garant celebrates its anniversary and looks back on 30 successful years of market participation. Over the past three decades, the company has developed into a reputable customer relationship specialist based in Neuhausen. More than 7,300 loyal partners, double-digit sales growth, the continuous development of new markets and the introduction of innovative products speak for themselves.

Real Garant started in 1987 as a classic guarantor within the automotive industry. Since then, the company has made a name for itself as a competent customer relationship specialist, within Germany and beyond. An award winner many times over and appreciated by partners and employees alike, the company is still following a course of expansion:

30 years on the move
Real Garant Versicherung AG was born in August 1987. Under the name of “Innovative Vertriebsgesellschaft” (IVG), the company initially provided only sub-assembly guarantees for free trade. These were only valid with the use of a special additive (motor oil additive). In 1993, IVG took on its current guise of Real Garant Versicherung AG, based in Kirchheim Teck. The insurance company wrote almost 7,000 individual risks at this time. Today, the number is around 430,000. In 1998, the headquarters were relocated to Neuhausen auf die Fildern. The next important milestone was laid in 2001 when Real Garant acquired the Gerling Group’s insurance portfolio. The risks multiplied immediately and the company increased its market share. Real Garant was in the fast lane!
Branches were opened in Belgium, Austria and Spain. This autumn signals the starting shot for the fourth location in Italy. Currently, 11 countries are supported by more than 100 employees throughout Europe. In 2007, Zurich Group Germany acquired 100 % of shares in Real Garant. Today, the company has joint ventures with numerous car manufacturers, importers and is recommended by many dealer associations.

Innovative and close to the market
In recent years, the company has steadily expanded its product range. Since 2015, for example, the customer loyalty specialist is the only guaranty insurer in Germany to offer a free app for car buyers, the “digital call centre of the future”, so to speak. Under the name of Care4mobility, the mobile application not only displays the warranty documents but also the contact details of the car dealership and much more. Since 2016, the portfolio has been extended to include a maintenance contract for new and used vehicles. Another product that currently no other guaranty insurer in Europe is able to offer its retail customers in this form.
Incidentally, Real Garant has also won numerous competitions. In the “Performance comparison of warranty providers” Real Garant has been consistently ranked top for 10 years.
In particular, its proximity to both market and customers, as well as rapid processing of customer’s requests, received praised.

“Our success factor remains the people. Our employees play a key role at Real Garant and ultimately are our key to success. The personal contact as well as the fast and uncomplicated handling of daily business transactions is highly appreciated by car dealers. You want a tangible and competent service provider with a familiar face at your side,” says Lutz Kortlüke, CEO of Real Garant, about his strategy for success.

Anniversary Partners Campaign
As part of its 30th anniversary, Real Garant also wants its german partners to benefit and is therefore planning an attractive discount campaign. The campaign will take place at the end of the year for a full three weeks. All partners in Germany can participate in the discount campaign. Further information about the partner campaign will be provided in advance.