Since the beginning of this year, Hyundai dealers and customers have been able to benefit from the Real Garant maintenance package as the perfect complement to the Hyundai five-year warranty.

On the one hand, customers are regularly led back to the dealership, which helps dealers improve their garage utilisation rate and increases customer loyalty.

On the other hand, the maintenance package protects the customer from unforeseen costs and thus helps give customers a good feeling about buying a car.

The maintenance package is offered in two variants. The CarCare variant covers all the costs of compulsory maintenance. The CarCare+ programme additionally covers the replacement of parts subject to wear such as brake pads, the clutch or the battery.

The duration of both programmes can be determined individually. However, contracts can only be signed for up to a maximum of 96 months and 240,000 km.

Wim Vanackere, the General Manager of Real Garant Benelux, is pleased with the new partnership: “We are proud that Hyundai has chosen Real Garant as the partner for its new CarCare maintenance product. The programme will do more than just increase customer loyalty: it will also give both buyers and dealers a good feeling about purchasing a car.”