Milestone: Real Garant has been in Austria for 20 years

There is a reason to celebrate: 20 years ago, Real Garant Versicherung AG founded the Austrian branch office in Vienna. By now, Michael Erb, as Director CEE, not only looks after Austria, but also nine other countries in Eastern Europe.

Real Garant celebrates its 20th birthday in Austria this year. When the branch was founded in early 2002, the Vienna office was the second branch of the customer loyalty specialist in Europe. At that time, the office had only a handful of employees. A lot has changed since then:

In the meantime, with Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Greece, nine other Eastern European countries are served and supported by a total of 33 employees from Vienna. Michael Erb, Director CEE, is responsible for the coordination of all this. Michael Erb has been with Real Garant in his current role for 11 years. “A lot has happened at Real Garant over the last 20 years. I am proud that today we support more than 1000 partners in Austria and Eastern Europe in customer retention”, says Michael Erb.

In addition to classic warranty insurance for new and used cars, Real Garant also sells maintenance and service contracts in Austria.