Franziska Ott


Job title
Head of CEO Office

Automotive sales & Bachelor of Arts in Automotive Economics

At Real Garant since
January 2016

Job description

  • Supporting the executive board in its day-to-day administrative and operational work
  • Interface and point of contact for all executive board affairs
  • Preparing presentations, market analyses, concepts and decision-making models
  • Assistance (development and implementation) with company and growth strategy
  • Organising meetings and events

What I like about my job
As an assistant to the board, I get a perspective on the entire scope of the business. This means that the tasks I am assigned make for a varied workday and constantly provide new challenges.

Why I enjoy working at Real Garant
I like working at Real Garant because I have the freedom to work independently and constantly be learning. Moreover, my coworkers’ appreciation and the friendly and collegial tone among employees makes for a great working environment.

My first car
VW Lupo

My current car
VW Lupo

My dream car
Mercedes SLS AMG with gull-wing doors