Nicolas De Keersmaecker


Job title
Head of Claims BeNeLux

Technical formation

At Real Garant since
November 2010

Job description

  • Claim settlements
  • Providing assistance to the claims settlement and sales teams
  • Carrying out audits and controls
  • Preparing reports

What do I like about my job?
The mix of sales-related, technical, organisational and legal tasks. In order to provide effective, quality services, a claims settlement representative draws on knowledge from each of these skill sets.

It might sound like handling claims everyday would get boring. However, each case is unique and challenges us to find solutions that are satisfying to all parties involved.

Why I enjoy working at Real Garant
I like the company’s attitude. Real Garant is constantly seeking to maintain close contact with our customers and the market. We try to think and act like a small company, not a large corporation. Our partners appreciate the spirit that they feel behind our work.

If I were a car I would be a…
Land Rover Discovery.
Every now and then I enjoy comfort and a bit of luxury, but I’m also a workhorse who can bear a heavy load. Sometimes I love to get down “in the dirt” and drive off-road to discover new routes and test my limits. In the meantime, I just hope I don’t have any accidents!

My first car
Peugeot 205 1.9TD

My current car
CLA Shooting Brake 200CDI

My dream car
Mercedes G-class AMG (suited for off-road driving, obviously)