Tanja Bartels


Job title
Head of HR & Marketing/PR (international)

Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and German Studies

At Real Garant since
January 2013

Job description

  • In HR, responsibilities include consulting with management and high-level personnel, employee support regarding personnel topics, conceptualisation, development and implementation regarding recruiting, personnel development, talent management, liaising with the workers’ council, health management, administrating employee entrance and exit, personnel marketing and project work.
  • In Marketing/PR: Supervision of all strategic and operational marketing/PR campaigns
  • As management: Employee motivation and development, setting objectives and evaluating/ensuring achievement of targets, budget accountability,  informing and communicating with the team, project work

What I like about my job
The variety of assignments and my contact with colleagues at all levels. Every day brings a new challenge, so I am constantly tested and never bored.

Why I enjoy working at Real Garant
I enjoy working at Real Garant because there is room for constant growth. I’m entrusted with a great deal of responsibility as an employee, so I feel a great freedom to act. I can work under my own auspices as well as suggest and implement new ideas that contribute to the company’s continued success.

If I were a car I would be a…
German brand with high-end features, since I value quality highly. The design would be classical and clear-cut. An automatic transmission would be a must-have, since it facilitates multitasking. I would have speciality features only to the extent that it benefits myself and my passengers. In any case the car would have a lot of horsepower, since I’m an excitable individual who learns quickly and likes to get where I’m going. Last but not least, I would have large windows and a sun roof, because I like to have an overview of things and think outside the box.

My first car
Ford Ka in dark green with a rusty gas cap

My current car
BMW 118d

My dream car
BMW i8