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Working for Real Garant

Real Garant is synonymous with long-term, honest and partnership-based collaborations. We are distinguished by a tireless commitment to quality and a strong spirit of innovation, qualities that are reflected in our company culture. An emphasis on mutual respect and open communication enable us to continually improve.

Our top priority is to have a team of employees who are glad to come to work in the morning. We create a working environment in which employees are heard and respected. Efficient decision-making strategies and a horizontal power structure set the foundation for successful collaboration. The pillars of our business consist of a varied work environment, a wide scope for autonomous action, and responsibility from the outset.

In order to stay in the fast lane, our employees are constantly training and developing their social and technical abilities. To this end, we employ a range of individualised measures, talent management, team-specific training courses and a specialised management personnel programme.

The international orientation in the automotive industry provides our employees with a wide range of development opportunities and an exciting work environment that transcends national borders.

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We continually strive to increase the comfort of our workplace, so that our employees enjoy each day.

In a fast-paced and increasingly complex working world, the topic of security and flexibility is essential. We can offer you this security. Above average social benefits and pension plans contribute greatly to our employee’s security. As an employer, Real Grant offers permanent work contracts, a 5-day week, flexible employment models, 30 days of leave and various special vacation days. In addition, we offer our employees flexible work schedules and modern working conditions, such as flextime and the opportunity to work from home. All of this contributes to our employees’ well-being, and allows them to successfully integrate their professional and private lives.

Communication is a top priority at Real Garant. Through regular feedback, annual employee reviews, department meetings and informational events led by management, our company promotes an open transfer and exchange of knowledge. Our employees’ opinions are important to us and play a crucial role in Real Garant’s continued development. Regular company parties also serve to cement personal connections within a relaxed environment.

Health is everyone’s top priority. That’s why we are constantly improving our healthcare management. We promote employee health through various incentives. These include subsidies for membership at select gyms, or doing exercises at work to prevent back pain  before it starts. With a weekly delivery of fresh fruit, free beverages, and a breakfast and lunch service, we keep our employees in peak condition.

Personnel development represents another important component of our company’s philosophy. We have developed our approach from a diverse set of insights into lifelong learning and growth. Working in close collaboration, management and employees identify areas of growth and purposefully target underutilised potential. Through a comprehensive series of external training sessions and courses as well as internal project collaboration, work shadowing  and online tools, employees at Real Garant enjoy a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional development.

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