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Customer loyalty is both our strong suit and our passion!
Beginning as a traditional warranty insurer, in recent years Real Garant has transformed into a customer loyalty specialist. You can find all the essential information about our company in our company profile,
including details about our shareholder the Zurich Insurance Group, our stated identity and corporate philosophy, key figures from years past, and our company’s structure in the form of an organisational chart.

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Company profile

Real Garant has its head office in Denkendorf near Stuttgart. In addition, we serve 33 European countries from our offices in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria and Hungary. In 17 countries, we are represented locally by our own sales and service employees. Real Garant Versicherung AG offers a majority of the products from the Real Garant’s portfolio, such as warranty insurance. The full subsidiary Real Garant GmbH Garantiesysteme is a service provider in the area of the Self-Warranty givit as well as offering maintenance contracts. Since 2007, Real Garant has had a strong and experienced shareholder in the Zurich Insurance Group Germany.

At Real Garant everyone knows everyone – as a mid-sized company we operate in a working environment that prioritises rationalised decision-making, horizontal hierarchies and close collaboration. Together, more than 150 employees’ skill and commitment have led to our dynamic growth. Today, nearly 7,300 partners rely on Real Garant to help them continuously develop their customer relationships and increase their earnings on a long-term basis.

We offer a wide range of products and services, including warranty insurance, self-warranties, maintenance contracts, mobility guarantees, long-term warranties and our customer app. We have a broadly diversified product portfolio. We would be happy to make you an individualised offer.

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“As thousands of satisfied partners and numerous industry awards can attest: This is confirmed by our many satisfied partners as well as various industry awards”

Company philosophy

A passion for warranties!

As a professional and equitable partner to the automotive industry, we offer greater security through our products and services.

On one hand, our individual warranty programmes provide our partners – whether they are dealerships and workshops, or manufacturers and importers –  with lasting tools for customer loyalty and contribute to an increased use of their workshops. On the other, a warranty from the dealership provides the customer with quality assurance and comprehensive cost control.

Together with our employees, we set the industry standard. We are constantly seeking to redefine customer loyalty.

Our methods are based on the following five principles:

We are customer-oriented!

We maintain close relationships to the market and our partners. We see ourselves as service providers and consultants who transmit knowledge and share our experiences, even across national borders. We offer our customers innovative, customised and simple solutions and products. Individual service and high-quality consultation come naturally to us.

We are flexible!

As a mid-sized company, we attach great importance to horizontal hierarchies and efficient decision-making strategies. We are continually reacting to changes in the market and revising our company and its structure.

We strive for excellence!

Each day, we aim to identify and pursue the best course to ensure customer loyalty for our partners. We are motivated by a passion for innovative solutions and our customer-oriented portfolio. A continual process of analysis, revision and optimisation is essential to meeting our goals and providing inspiration. We implement active measures to make improvements.

We are honest, fair and think in the long-term!

To ensure lasting growth, we prioritise open communication and close collaboration with our partners. Long-term collaborations and a fair and respectful attitude are our hallmark. We take all applicable laws, regulations and internal guidelines seriously and adhere to them.

We value our employees!

Passion and team spirit are not just catch phrases at Real Garant. The talent and motivation of our staff is truly the engine of our success. At Real Garant, our employees’ independence paired with their development lays the foundation for success. We value feedback and are continually learning.  Creating a healthy and congenial working atmosphere that promotes our employees’ satisfaction is a central part of our mission.

Company structure and markets

Real Garant Versicherung AG is a subsidiary of Zurich Group Germany.
In the chart below, we explain how our company is organised.

Real Garant Versicherung AG - Company structure

SFCR report

SFCR stands for “Solvency and Financial Condition Report”, which derives from the Solvency II directive.
Each report has the goal of providing the public with an overview of the insurance company’s financial situation.
The document covers topics such as performance, governance, risk profile, assessment of solvency and a description of capital management.

An Zurich Group Germany company

The Zurich Group Germany is a part of the globally active Zurich Insurance Group.

With annual revenues (2015) of more than 6.9 billion EUR, capital investments totalling more than 47 billion EUR and approximately 5,200 employees, Zurich is one of the leading providers of property and life insurance in Germany.
Zurich provides innovative, top-notch solutions for insurance, pension plans and risk management from a single source. The company particularly emphasises attention to individual clients and high-quality consultation.
The Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) is a leading multi-branch insurance company providing customer services at the global and local levels.

With approximately 55,000 employees world-wide, Zurich offers a broad range of property and life insurance products and services. Zurich’s customers encompass individuals, small, mid-sized and large companies, and multinational corporations in more than 170 countries.
Founded in 1872, the Group has its head offices in Zurich, Switzerland.