Writing History


The story of Real Garant

Beginning as a traditional warranty insurer, in recent years Real Garant has transformed into a customer loyalty specialist – a company that offers more than just warranty insurance.

Let us take you on a journey through 30 years of Real Garant’s history as we show you the milestones that have forged our company’s identity.

Foundation of IVG

The Innovative Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH (IVG) was founded in 1987. Real Garant later grew out of IVG. The articles of association were recorded in the commercial register on 27 August 1987, thus marking the birth of what was to become Real Garant.

Change of name to Real Garant GmbH Autohandelbedarf

In 1992, IVG was renamed Real Garant GmbH Autohandelbedarf.

Foundation of Real Garant Versicherung AG

A year later –in 1993– Real Garant GmbH Autohandelsgesellschaft was transformed into the insurance company we know today, Real Garant Versicherung AG. The share capital was 2.4 million deutschmarks.

Foundation of RGGS

The subsidiary Real Garant GmbH Garantiesysteme was founded in the following year. RGAG insured 7,700 individual risks in that year.

Foundation of the RGGS subsidiary Real Garant España

In 1998, the subsidiary Real Garant GmbH Garantiesysteme saw the light of day in Spain

Foundation of a branch in Austria

In 2002, the first European branch office of Real Garant Versicherung AG was founded in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Foundation of a branch in Belgium Entry into the Luxembourg and Dutch markets

The Belgian branch was founded in the same year. It also managed the Dutch and Luxembourg markets, and continues to do so today.

Sale of shares to ADAC Schutzbrief Versicherungs-AG

ADAC Schutzbrief Versicherungs-AG acquired Real Garant Versicherung AG’s shares, making it the majority shareholder.

Entry into the Czech market and launch of givit WMS

The Austrian branch has managed the Czech market since 2009. The customer loyalty management programme givit was also launched in 2009.

Move to Neuhausen

In 1998, Real Garant moved its headquarters to Neuhausen auf den Fildern, where it has been ever since. At that point, Real Garant covered more than 80,000 risks.

Market entry in Slovakia and Hungary

The Slovakian and Hungarian markets in Eastern Europe were opened up in 2010. They are managed by the Austrian branch.

Zurich obtains 100% of the shares

In 2007, Real Garant Versicherung AG’s shares were sold to the holding Zürich Beteiligungs-AG Deutschland. Zurich is still the 100% shareholder today.

Introduction of care4mobility and the maintenance contract

In 2015 and 2016, Real Garant brought pioneering products onto the market. These were care4mobility – the first customer app for dealerships – and a maintenance package for new and used vehicles.

Foundation of a branch in Italy

On 1 November 2017, Real Garant also became a qualified advisor for customer loyalty with an office in Verona.

Market entry in Croatia, Slovenia and Portugal

The Croatian and Slovenian markets have been managed by the branch in Austria since 2018. Portugal is managed by the Spanish branch.

Market entry in Romania

The branch in Austria has managed the Romanian market since 2019.