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Vehicle security

Well protected by your warranty

Are you thinking about purchasing a vehicle?
If so, it makes sense to learn about warranties. Despite even the most thorough examination, sometimes vehicles are defective or damaged.
A warranty from your dealership can protect you against unexpected repair costs.

On this page, we explain why a warranty is useful and how you go about acquiring one.

Years of experience

Faithful partners

Annual warranties

A dealership’s pledge

Above all, a vehicle warranty offers car owners one thing: security.
You are protected against unexpected costs, retain liquidity and don’t have to pay for expensive repairs.
If your dealership offers you a warranty, you are entitled to certain claims in the event of damages.

If you have questions about this pledge, consult with your dealer.

The contractual configuration

between vehicle owner, dealership and Real Garant

Vehicle owner

The vehicle owner is the warrantee.
You receive the warranty from your dealership, which is your direct contact.


The dealership is the warrantor.
It issues the warranty and is the proper contact.

Real Garant

Real Garant is the warranty insurer and service provider. We partner with the dealership and insure the warranty.

The benefits of a warranty


Protection from unexpected repair costs

With a warranty, the warrantor assumes responsibility for the costs of repair.


International validity

A warranty offers you protection throughout Europe.


Individual flexibility

Often, you can determine the duration and scope of your warranty individually.


Coverage up to 12 years

Depending on the warranty, vehicles up to 12 years old are eligible for coverage.


Product combinations are possible

A warranty can be combined with other products, such as a maintenance contract or a mobility guarantee.


Increased planning security

Since you will bear no unexpected costs in case of damage, you can use your financial resources elsewhere.


Coverage for all common vehicle brands and models

All common vehicle brands and models are eligible for a warranty.


Improved liquidity

In case of damage, you don’t have to shoulder high repair costs.


An increase in your vehicle's value

A valid warranty increases your vehicle’s value, benefitting you in a sale.

For a detailed list of benefits, please read the warranty conditions.

Acquiring a warranty for your vehicle

Would you like to purchase a warranty for your vehicle?
Contact a trusted dealership and speak with them about the products and services Real Garant offers.

For further questions about warranties, please visit our FAQ section.