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The frequency of business at dealership workshops is steadily decreasing.
In this context, a company’s connection to its customers is a matter of survival.
Fortunately, we have developed a product that counteracts this trend:
A maintenance package for new and used cars.
With our maintenance package, your workshop will experience improved utilisation, while also maintaining the end customer’s financial security.

The maintenance contract

The maintenance contract is a product of Real Garant GmbH Garantiesysteme that meaningfully connects autobuyers over the long-term to you, the dealership. Not only will your customer loyalty improve substantially, but workshop revenue will be steady and predictable for the duration of the maintenance contract. Ideally, customers will combine a maintenance contract with a warranty so that in the event of damage or maintenance they have only one contact – you, the dealership. Not only are you more financially secure – your customers will also have peace of mind about any future maintenance costs.
A maintenance contract can be provided for all common vehicle brands and models. Coverage of up to 60 months and 200,000 km is available and can be individually tailored to the customer’s needs. The contract also covers used cars up to 10 years old. The scope of maintenance work is determined by the specifications described in each manufacturer and/or importers’ maintenance schedule. The costs for the maintenance contract can be calculated in seconds.

Partner advantages, in overview


Improved utilisation of workshop capacity

Make better use of your workshop.


Rapid price calculation

With our Warranty Management System (WMS) you can calculate prices quickly and easily.


Guaranteed service rates

Our maintenance contract guarantees you standard hourly rates and parts prices.


Increase customer loyalty

With our maintenance contract, your customers will return to your dealership time and again.


Product combinations are possible

You can combine the maintenance contract with other Real Garant products, such as a warranty or a mobility guarantee.


In-house maintenance

Our maintenance contract ensures that all repairs are performed in your workshop.


Offering a maintenance package instead of a discount

Instead of offering customers a discount, you can offer them a maintenance package.


A distinguishing feature

Offering a maintenance contract can distinguish you from the competition and the private market.

Further information

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