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Mobility Guarantee

Guarantee mobility

Do you want to assure your customers’ mobility, even in the event of a breakdown or an accident?
With our mobility guarantee, you can provide customers with exactly this service.
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Mobility guarantee insurance

Our Europe-wide mobility guarantee* offers your customers rapid and straightforward assistance in the event of an accident or breakdown. Wherever your customers may be located, our 24-hour emergency hotline is available around the clock – even on Sundays and holidays.

Our top priority is to find a quick solution. This includes assistance with breakdowns and accidents, supplying a rental car, providing overnight accommodation, and if the vehicle is located within 100 km of your dealership, towing the vehicle to you, as the dealership.


* as per the warranty conditions of the Europ Assistance SA

Partner advantages, in overview


Rapid assistance

In the event of a breakdown or accident, we will assist your customers as quickly as possible.


Overnight accommodation included

In case of a breakdown, our mobility guarantee covers up to three nights of accommodation in a hotel.


Continuing your trip

Our mobility guarantee also covers continued travel by a different means of transport in the event of a breakdown.


Car rentals

If the vehicle cannot be repaired immediately, your customers are entitled to a rental car.


A choice in length of coverage

The mobility guarantee can cover a period of either 12 or 24 months.


Vehicle towing to your workshop

If the vehicle is located within 100 km of your workshop, it will be towed there.


Protection throughout Europe

Our mobility guarantee is valid throughout Europe.


24-Hour Emergency Hotline

With our 24-hour emergency hotline, your customers benefit from expert assistance around the clock.


Sundays and holidays

Our mobility service is, of course, also available on Sundays and holidays.

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