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Additional offers

Additional offers from our portfolio

Apart from the products and services already described in detail, our portfolio encompasses numerous additional offers.
These include warranties for alternative fuel vehicles, Protection and Protection Plus, tire warranties, our 24-hour service hotline and our customer contact programme. Learn more about our additional services here.

Warranties for alternative fuel vehicles

In comparison with classic petrol and diesel engines, the demand for alternative fuel systems is increasing. Consumers’ increased environmental awareness paired with rising fuel costs have lead to technical developments such as LPG, natural gas, hybrid and electric motors.
Real Garant offers specialised warranty insurance for these motors, whether it is a new vehicle extended warranty or a used car warranty for vehicles up to 12 years old.

Protection and Protection Plus

Protection is an insurance product designed to reduce the dealership’s liability for material defects. It is a supplementary form of protection covering damage that is not covered by warranty insurance.
Dealerships can choose between two different plans:

    • Liability for material defects without legal costs (Option 1 – Protection)
      • Compensation for labour and material costs
      • Insurance coverage includes the satisfaction of legal claims
    • Liability for material defects with legal costs (Option 2 – Protection Plus)
      • Compensation for labour and material costs as well as all necessary legal and court fees
      • Insurance coverage includes the satisfaction of legal claims and the defence of unfounded legal claims resulting from liability for material defects

Tire warranty insurance

In order to keep your customers on track, we also insure vehicle tires. You can offer your customers this product either as a supplement to their vehicle warranty or independently.
That way, their tires are protected against damages from curb impact, punctures or blowouts.

24-hour service hotline

Real Garant also offers its partners a 24-hour service hotline.
With the help of this hotline, you are available to your customers around the clock. Operators accept the call in your name, take down caller information, then pass it to your dealership the next working day for processing.

Customer contact programme

Stay in touch with your customers and provide them with the best service possible.
Our customer contact programme offers a wide range of individual services. For example, we write to your customers to welcome them with a membership card, offer a warranty extension or remind them of an upcoming service check – all in your name.

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