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With our Self-Warranty givit programme, you manage your own warranties in-house.
With the help of our Warranty Management System (WMS), you can manage your entire warranty programme in-house. Whether it is issuing the warranty, claim settlements or reporting – you decide.
With Self-Warranty givit, you take the fate of your company into your own hands, while Real Garant stands by to support you as an accomplished service provider with over 30 years of experience in the business.

Learn more about Self-Warranty givit and the advantages it brings your dealership.

Self-Warranty givit

Self-Warranty givit is a product offered by Real Garant GmbH Garantiesysteme that allows you to manage your warranties in-house. From issuing warranties to setting provisions to reporting,
you make the decisions. To administer your warranties, you have access to our Warranty Management System (WMS) software. This web-based software stores all necessary documents, such as warranty conditions and fee schedules. These documents can also be customised according to your needs.
With our Warranty Management System (WMS) you can create and administer warranties as well as generate statistics and reports.
As always, we will gladly assist you should you need our support.


Our services


Before beginning your self-warranty you will receive a comprehensive consultation, including drafts and templates for all warranty documents. We configure all operational fields and user profiles for you, and store all agreed upon warranty programmes, in-house vehicle delivery documents and vehicle checklists in your account.

Providing WMS

To assist you in managing your warranties we provide you with our Warranty Management System (WMS) software.

Courses and trainings

Providing your employees with courses and trainings is a matter of course for us.

Sustained support

Naturally, you can count on regular support and guidance. We will be glad to assist you in the technical handling of warranty claims, assume complete responsibility of them or answer questions regarding our Warranty Management System (WMS).

Advantages for dealerships at a glance


Self-administration of provisions

Liquidity remains in your own bank account.


Up-to-date overview

You can get an overview of your warranties at any time.


Merging branches

Multiple dealership branches can be merged within the Warranty Management System (WMS).


A range of warranty programmes

We offer a range of warranty programmes through our Warranty Management System (WMS).


Individualised warranty documents

We can also provide individualised warranty documents.


Personal consultation

We will gladly advise you throughout the entire warranty process.


A supportive partner

We offer you support during claims processing as well as throughout the entire warranty process.


A multi-brand management tool

Our Warranty Management System (WMS) is built to handle several different brands and types of vehicle.

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