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Whether you own an independent dealership or are an authorised dealer, we have the right solution for you.
As specialists in customer loyalty programmes, we will design the ideal warranty package for your company. With our traditional warranty insurance, Real Garant carries the insurance risk in the case of a claim. We will be happy to put our Warranty Management System (WMS) software at your disposal and provide you with individual service and extensive consultation.
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Warranty insurance

Our traditional warranty insurance covers both new and used vehicles. As the warranty insurer, we carry the insurance risk in the case of a claim.

We do not only insure cars, of course: Real Garant also provides warranty insurance for motorcycles, scooters and quad bikes as well as lorries, vans and motorhomes.

Purchase a used car with confidence!

Buying a used car always comes with a certain risk for the buyer. Even the most careful vehicle check at an expert workshop or a dealership cannot rule out future damage.

A warranty offer for used vehicles minimises risk and protects the buyer from unexpected repair costs.

Used car warranties

Real Garant offers a range of possibilities for protecting used vehicles. You can choose from a list of numerous component and total warranties. Depending on the warranty programme you select, different vehicle parts are insured. In principle, vehicles up to 15 years old and with up to 200,000 km are eligible for coverage. A offering a warranty not only provides your customers with greater security, you also profit from a lasting customer relationship with real potential for future growth.


Your customers benefit from greater security, as they are protected from unexpected repair costs in the event of damage.


Improved sales and profits for your dealership through greater customer loyalty.


Increased re-sale value of used vehicles thanks to your warranty as an additional sales argument.


Individualised warranty programmes based on your needs.

Security for your new vehicle!

New vehicles are usually covered for several years under the manufacturer’s warranty.

The duration of this warranty varies according to the manufacturer and/or importer.

If customers would like to extend this manufacturer guarantee at the time of sale, they may purchase a new vehicle extended warranty. In this case, the vehicle is secured on a long-term basis, connecting customers to your dealership.

New vehicle extended warranty

New vehicle owners can purchase comprehensive protection for their vehicle that extends beyond the manufacturer warranty. A new vehicle extended warranty is the perfect way to protect customers on a long-term basis against costs arising from unexpected damage.
To this end, we offer numerous warranty programmes of different scopes. Whether it is a total warranty, a component warranty or a combination of both: We will design a warranty that is just right for you.
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Extension of the manufacturer warranty at the time of purchase.


An improved image through additional warranty offers when selling new vehicles.


Distinguishing yourself from the competition by offering a warranty that extends beyond manufacturer warranty.


Long-term protection of the new vehicle against damages to parts under warranty.

Personal freedom, guaranteed!

When it comes to driving, security should be everyone’s top priority. This is particularly so in the case of motorcycles, as there are special risk factors involved. Careful driving, suitable protective clothing and a healthy awareness of other drivers are all essential.

You can offer your customers even greater security with a warranty.

With a warranty, it does not matter whether your customer drives a scooter, a motorcycle or a quad.

Motorcycle warranties

Real Garant’s motorcycle warranty covers both new and used machines. We insure most types of motorised bikes, including scooters, motorcycles and quads.
Our motorcycle warranty is a full warranty, covering all mechanical, electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic components, in accordance with warranty provisions.
The warranty covers a period of either 12 or 24 months, according to your wishes. You can also combine our motorcycle warranty with a mobility guarantee, giving your customers total protection for their purchase.



A full warranty covers all mechanical, electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic components.


Nearly every type of motorised bike: Motorcycles, scooters and quads can be insured.


You decide the period of coverage. We offer coverage for either 12 or 24 months.


Our motorcycle warranty can be combined with a mobility guarantee.

Additional warranty insurance

Aside from our used car warranties, new vehicle extended warranties and motorcycle warranties, Real Garant offers additional types of warranty insurance, including insurance for vans, lorries, trucks and motorhomes.

Our Area Sales Managers will gladly answer any questions you may have concerning warranty insurance.

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