The emphasis that Real Garant puts on information security has now been confirmed with a TISAX certification. In this way the company sends a clear sign for partners and customers.  

The rise in digitalization and the related increase in data processing is gaining relevance in almost all industry. With that the requirements for information security are growing – also for the automotive industry.

Real Garant has decided to face that challenge: during an on-site audit in December, every process, procedure and resource in relation with information security has been examined: Starting from A like access control, over D like data storage to Z like zeroing in on potential problems and dealing with them.
“Information security is much more than locking the screen when leaving the workstation. The topic is very complex and has to be lived by every employee and department. “, Daniel Wallner, Information security officer at Real Garant, explains. The results of the three-day examination speak for themselves: Real Garant meets all the necessary requirements with flying colours. With the certification Real Garant paves the way for the future. “Now we can confirm our partners in black and white that their data is safe with Real Garant. Once again, my team has proven that customer orientation is a priority to us. “, applauds Lutz Kortlüke CEO at Real Garant.

TISAX: TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is an examination- and exchange mechanism that is based on the VDA ISA (Information Security Asessment) catalogue by the association of the German automotive industry that sets industry standards. An entry in the TISAX-Exchange databank follows a passed examination.