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Warranty insurance

Our traditional warranty insurance covers both new and used vehicles. As the warranty insurer, we carry the insurance risk in the case of a claim.
We do not only insure cars, of course: Real Garant also provides warranty insurance for motorcycles, scooters and quad bikes as well as lorries, vans and motorhomes.
Of course, we also have the right solution for vehicles with alternative drives.


  • Your customers benefit from greater security, as they are protected from unexpected repair costs in the event of damage.
  • Improved sales and profits for your dealership through greater customer loyalty.
  • Increased re-sale value of used vehicles thanks to your warranty as an additional sales argument.
  • Individualised warranty programmes based on your needs.
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Self-Warranty givit is a product offered by Real Garant GmbH Garantiesysteme that allows you to manage your warranties in-house. From issuing warranties to setting provisions to reporting,
you make the decisions. To administer your warranties, you have access to our Warranty Management System (WMS) software. This web-based software stores all necessary documents, such as warranty conditions and fee schedules. These documents can also be customised according to your needs.
With our Warranty Management System (WMS) you can create and administer warranties as well as generate statistics and reports.
As always, we will gladly assist you should you need our support.


  • Self-administration of provisions: liquidity remains in your own bank account.
  • Up-to-date overview: you can get an overview of your warranties at any time.
  • Merging branches: multiple dealership branches can be merged within the Warranty Management System (WMS).
  • A range of warranty programmes: we offer a range of warranty programmes through our Warranty Management System (WMS).
  • Individualised warranty documents: we can also provide individualised warranty documents.
  • Personal consultation: we will gladly advise you throughout the entire warranty process.
  • A supportive partner: we offer you support during claims processing as well as throughout the entire warranty process.
  • A multi-brand management tool: our Warranty Management System (WMS) is built to handle several different brands and types of vehicle.
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The maintenance contract is a product of Real Garant GmbH Garantiesysteme that meaningfully connects autobuyers over the long-term to you, the dealership. Not only will your customer loyalty improve substantially, but workshop revenue will be steady and predictable for the duration of the maintenance contract. Ideally, customers will combine a maintenance contract with a warranty so that in the event of damage or maintenance they have only one contact – you, the dealership. Not only are you more financially secure – your customers will also have peace of mind about any future maintenance costs.
A maintenance contract can be provided for all common vehicle brands and models. Coverage of up to 60 months and 200,000 km is available and can be individually tailored to the customer’s needs. The contract also covers used cars up to 10 years old.


  • Improved utilisation of workshop capacity: make better use of your workshop.
  • Rapid price calculation: with our Warranty Management System (WMS) you can calculate prices quickly and easily.
  • Guaranteed service rates: our maintenance contract guarantees you standard hourly rates and parts prices.
  • Increase customer loyalty: with our maintenance contract, your customers will return to your dealership time and again.
  • Product combinations are possible: you can combine the maintenance contract with other Real Garant products, such as a warranty or a mobility guarantee.
  • In-house maintenance: our maintenance contract ensures that all repairs are performed in your workshop.
  • Offering a maintenance package instead of a discount: instead of offering customers a discount, you can offer them a maintenance package.
  • A distinguishing feature: offering a maintenance contract can distinguish you from the competition and the private market.
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Mobility guarantee

Our Europe-wide mobility guarantee* offers your customers rapid and straightforward assistance in the event of an accident or breakdown. Wherever your customers may be located, our 24-hour emergency hotline is available around the clock – even on Sundays and holidays.

Our top priority is to find a quick solution. This includes assistance with breakdowns and accidents, supplying a rental car, providing overnight accommodation, and if the vehicle is located within 100 km of your dealership, towing the vehicle to you, as the dealership.

*according to the warranty conditions of the respective partner in the specific country


  • Rapid assistance: in the event of a breakdown or accident, we will assist your customers as quickly as possible.
  • Overnight accommodation included: in case of a breakdown, our mobility guarantee covers up to three nights of accommodation in a hotel.
  • Continuing your trip: our mobility guarantee also covers continued travel by a different means of transport in the event of a breakdown.
  • Car rentals: if the vehicle cannot be repaired immediately, your customers are entitled to a rental car.
  • A choice in length of coverage: the mobility guarantee can cover a period of either 12 or 24 months.
  • Vehicle towing to your workshop: if the vehicle is located within 100 km of your workshop, it will be towed there.
  • Protection throughout Europe: our mobility guarantee is valid throughout Europe.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Hotline: with our 24-hour emergency hotline, your customers benefit from expert assistance around the clock.
  • Sundays and holidays: our mobility service is, of course, also available on Sundays and holidays.
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care4mobility is a unique app for customers. With the app, vehicle owners can view important information and dates related to their warranty. Whether it is information about your dealership, contract or vehicle specifications, everything is just a few clicks away.


  • Availability of all vehicle, contract and dealer data: All data is just a few clicks away for your customer.
  • Reminders of upcoming appointments: Use push notifications to remind your customers of appointments.
  • Provide individual vouchers and discounts: Make your customers aware of current offers.
  • Create reports: Always keep an eye on the efficiency of your marketing measures.
  • Individual design: Adapt the design of the app to that of your dealership.

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Long-term warranty insurance Cars + 5

The term of Cars+5 can be up to 60 months and can be concluded for both new and used vehicles. In order to maintain the warranty promise for the entire period, so-called warranty safety checks are necessary. These are usually carried out every six or 12 months in your workshop, depending on which cycle you prefer. This automatically increases your workshop utilisation and gives you the opportunity for additional sales such as oil, tyres, brakes or maintenance.
We offer additional services to remind your customers of the due safety checks.


  • Long-term customer loyalty: following the purchase of their vehicle, customers commit to your dealership for up to 60 months.
  • Improved utilisation of workshop capacity: a long-term warranty means that customers return regularly to your workshop for scheduled warranty safety inspections.
  • Greater earnings: an increased use of your workshop can increase your earnings.
  • Cross-Selling Potential: regular warranty safety inspections generates additional cross selling potential.
  • Increased planning security: customers’ long-term commitment allows you to plan long-term.
  • Additional sales argument: a long-term warranty also serves as an additional sales argument for the customer.

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You would like to offer your customer even more service around the vehicle sale?

compit is the new insurance comparison calculator specially designed for use in your dealership. Compare multiple insurance policies and rates directly at the point of sale together with your customers.

An additional service that you can optimally integrate into the sales process. With the entry of just a few data, you can directly conclude the insurance for your customers and generate an electronic confirmation of insurance.


  • Insurance for cars, motorbikes and trucks up to 3,5 t
  • Additional distinguishing feature from the competition
  • More repair orders through free choice of workshop
  • Billing at your hourly rates
  • Bonus on successful completion
  • Use your own CI

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Tire warranty

In order to keep your customers on track, we also insure vehicle tires. You can offer your customers this product either as a supplement to their vehicle warranty or independently.
That way, their tires are protected against damages from curb impact, punctures or blowouts.

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24h Serviceline

Real Garant also offers its partners a 24-hour service hotline.
With the help of this hotline, you are available to your customers around the clock. Operators accept the call in your name, take down caller information, then pass it to your dealership the next working day for processing.

Customer contact programme

Stay in touch with your customers and provide them with the best service possible.
Our customer contact programme offers a wide range of individual services. For example, we write to your customers to welcome them with a membership card, offer a warranty extension or remind them of an upcoming service check – all in your name.