Real Garant shows itself in blue, white, red: Market entry in France

Real Garant has been active in the French market since the beginning of the month. Together with the broker Car Protection Services, Real Garant now supports the French car trade with customer loyalty expertise and warranty insurance.

After entering the market in Northern Europe earlier this year, customer loyalty specialist Real Garant is also launching in France this October. The expansion is Real Garant’s response to increased demand from its partners for coverage of the French market. For a smooth implementation of the market entry, Real Garant has teamed up with local provider Car Protection Services.

“With Car Protection Services, we have found a great local partner. This means that we can maintain our high standards for process handling and customer support right from the start,” says a delighted Florian Rohkamm, Chief Distribution Officer at Real Garant, who incidentally lived in France himself for several years.

Car Protection Services is also looking forward to the cooperation: “After a high national growth since 2009, our goal was to support our partners in their European development and to respond to French calls to tender from reference market players. For that very purpose, we need a partner who carries the same values and standards as ours. Real Garant perfectly meets our expectations!”, declares Jean-Philippe Pochez, Founder and President of Car Protection Services.

For more than 10 years, Real Garant has been pursuing an efficient expansion strategy in Europe. Including France, seven more countries were added this year alone, in which Real Garant is actively operating. This already makes Real Garant one of the largest guarantee insurers in Europe.