Best protection: Real Garant introduces insurance to reduce the risk of legal warranty

Protection Plus is the latest product in the Real Garant portfolio. Since the beginning of the year, dealerships can additionally insure themselves with the customer loyalty specialist.

With the implementation of the new EU Directive on the Sale of Goods at the beginning of 2022, the period for shifting the burden of proof has been extended from six to twelve months. Thus, in the case of a material defect, the selling dealer must prove in the first year that the defect did not already exist when the vehicle was sold. Of course, this also increases the dealer’s risk. Real Garant therefore offers a new product to complement the warranty insurance: Protection Plus.

For 12 months from the sale of the vehicle, Protection Plus in combination with a used car warranty protects the dealer against risks in the event of a warranty claim. In addition to the repair costs, possible costs for lawyers, court or experts are also included in the product scope.

“With a complete warranty from Real Garant, dealers already have very good coverage,” emphasises Daniel König, Director Sales Germany Real Garant. “The Protection Plus offers additional protection to reduce the risk of legal warranty. It is important to us that we can offer a solution for dealers for this issue as well.”