New protection for bikers: Real Garant updates motorcycle warranty

Recently, Real Garant overhauled its motorcycle warranty insurance. Highlights of the warranty include: Warranty insurance into the 12th year and motorcycle helmet coverage.

Real Garant is launching care4bike, the next generation of its in-house motorcycle warranty insurance product. Care4bike is a complete warranty for new and used motorcycles up to the twelfth year or up to a total mileage of 80,000 km. In addition to motorcycles of most brands, quads and scooters can also be covered with care4bike, naturally also with electric drive.

A special highlight of care4bike is the coverage of the motorcycle helmet. As long as this is purchased from the dealer providing the warranty no later than three months after the motorcycle is taken over, all mechanical components of the motorcycle helmet are also included in the scope of the warranty.

“With care4bike, we want to provide the motorcycle trade with comprehensive and up-to-date warranty insurance,” says Daniel König, Director Sales Germany & Marketing at Real Garant.