Jana Hitzer


Job title
Account Director, Sales Germany

Bachelor and Master of Arts in Automotive Management

At Real Garant since
March 2014

Job description
New acquisitions, support and development of current partnerships with manufacturers, importers and dealer associations.

What I like about my job
Efficient decision-making strategies and the responsibility of the position. Most of all, I enjoy working with a superlative team.

Why I enjoy working at Real Garant
As a service provider to the automotive industry, we work with numerous manufacturers and dealer associations, where every partner is unique.

If I were a car I would be a…
Definitely a five-seater with tinted windows. That way I could take everyone that matters to me along for the ride, and you couldn’t see what was going on “inside” at first glance.

My first car
BMW 118i Sport

My current car
MINI Cooper SD

My dream car
Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren