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care4mobility is a unique app for customers. With the app, vehicle owners can view important information and dates related to their warranty. Whether it is information about your dealership, contract or vehicle specifications, everything is just a few clicks away.


App functions at a glance

Vehicle specifications

  • Vehicle Manufacturer/Model
  • Engine power
  • Odometer reading at time of purchase
  • Initial registration
  • Chassis number
  • Registration number

All contractual data

  • Contract number
  • Contract date
  • Warranty duration
  • Beginning and end dates (with an alert function for warranty expiration)
  • Contractual documents as PDF

Dealership information

  • Dealership address (with navigation function)
  • Sales agent
  • Dealership contact information: email/telephone/fax (with call/email function)


  • Alert function for MOT/emissions inspection

More information about care4mobility

You can learn more about the benefits and features of care4mobility and download the App on the website.

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