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Six questions to our executive board – Part 3 with CIO Darko Kosić

1. Please describe Real Garant in three keywords. Flexible, innovative, close to the customer 2. What was your personal highlight during your time at Real Garant? The expansion to Eastern Europe 3. How do you spend your evening after a hard day at work? In summer with...

Real Garant customer survey 2019

We want to say thank you for the numerous participation in our customer survey this autumn. The feedback of our customers is extremely valuable to us and contributes to the further development and optimization of our products and services. Therefore, we are more than...

Real Garant opens up social media channels

Since mid-May, Real Garant is now represented on the social media channels XING and LinkedIn. Louisa Brede from the HR department and Alisa Hiller from the Marketing & PR department form our social media team. On these channels, they regularly share interesting...