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Real Garant opens up social media channels

Since mid-May, Real Garant is now represented on the social media channels XING and LinkedIn. Louisa Brede from the HR department and Alisa Hiller from the Marketing & PR department form our social media team. On these channels, they regularly share interesting...

Italy: It’s pit-stop time for Mercedes-Benz clients

As the good weather approaches, it is time to replace winter tyres with summer tyres, giving the perfect opportunity to benefit from the new Tyres & Wheels Comprehensive Insurance package for Mercedes-Benz clients. By changing tyres at an official Mercedes-Benz...

15 years of Real Garant – Mercedes Benz Belux

Real Garant has been a proud partner of Mercedes Benz Belux for no less than 15 years. Customers can opt for a Real Garant warranty on vehicles across the entire product range, including both new and used cars. This warranty includes the most important car parts and...

Further expansions for Real Garant

Since setting up a branch in Italy in January, Real Garant is continuing to expand its business in Southern Europe to encompass the Portuguese, Croatian and Slovenian markets.  Real Garant Versicherung AG has plans for further expansion. The dynamic business is...

Belgium – Kia chooses Real Garant as a partner

Since 1 November 2017, Kia Motors Belgium has been working closely with the customer retention specialists, Real Garant. The joint EasyDrive and EasyDrive+ programs increase customer retention in the showroom, and offer car buyers comprehensive financial security with...

Real Garant expands to Italy

Real Garant continues its expansion — new branch established in Italy. Real Garant Versicherung AG is expanding its business activities to southern Europe, and will also offer its products and services in Italy as of 1 January 2018. The subsidiary will be based in...

30 Years of Automotive Passion

Real Garant celebrates its anniversary and looks back on 30 successful years of market participation. Over the past three decades, the company has developed into a reputable customer relationship specialist based in Neuhausen. More than 7,300 loyal partners, double-digit sales growth, the continuous development of new markets and the introduction of innovative products speak for themselves.